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PHP named parameter calling
$x = function($bar, $foo="9") {
echo $foo, $bar, "\n";
class MissingArgumentException extends Exception {
function call_user_func_named_array($method, $arr){
$ref = new ReflectionFunction($method);
$params = [];
foreach( $ref->getParameters() as $p ){
if( $p->isOptional() ){
if( isset($arr[$p->name]) ){
$params[] = $arr[$p->name];
$params[] = $p->getDefaultValue();
}else if( isset($arr[$p->name]) ){
$params[] = $arr[$p->name];
throw new MissingArgumentException("Missing parameter $p->name");
return $ref->invokeArgs( $params );
call_user_func_named_array($x, ['foo' => 'hello ', 'bar' => 'world']); //Pass all parameterss
call_user_func_named_array($x, ['bar' => 'world']); //Only pass one parameter
call_user_func_named_array($x, []); //Will throw exception
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