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Comprehensive list of Wordle variants


  • Wordle - Guess a five-letter word in six guesses. Each guess must be real words.



Multiple Wordle Grids

  • Dordle - Wordle on two different grids at once.
  • Tridle - Wordle on three different grids at once.
  • Quordle - Wordle on four different grids at once.
  • Octordle - Wordle on eight different grids at once.
  • Sedecordle - Wordle on sixteen different grids at once.
  • Kilordle - Wordle on 1000 different grids at once.
  • Polydle - Choose how many Wordle grids to solve at once (maximum 2315).
  • Thirtle - Solve thirty consecutive Wordle grids as quickly as possible.
  • Crosswordle - Wordle on two intersecting words.

Word Variants

  • Squardle - Wordle in two dimensions across a 5x5 grid with six different words.
  • Absurdle, Evil Wordle - Wordle rules, but the answer is adversarial. Infinite guesses.
  • QWRTL - Wordle without the letter E.
  • Waffle - Squaredle grid (5x5 grid with six words) with shuffled letters and 15 swaps to find the correct grid.
  • Reversle - Given an answer and grid of clues, find a sequence of words that matches the clues as quickly as possible.
  • Survivle - Normal Wordle rules but you must use the information you have and the goal is to play as many rounds as possible without finding the answer.
  • Absurvivle - Absurdle but the goal is to survive as long as possible.
  • Scrabwordle - Wordle, but your word must also match a given Scrabble score.
  • xordle - Wordle with two disjoint answers but only one board. Guess both words correctly to win.
  • Fibble - Wordle, but the clue contains one lie in every row.
  • Sixdle - Wordle with six-letter words and answers.
  • Warmle - Wordle, but a yellow clue lets you know if are within 3 letters alphabetically for that position.
  • Wordle Peaks - Wordle, but each position is hinted based on the alphabetical direction of the answer's letter in that position.
  • Symble - Wordle, but hints are given as a random 3 symbols and it is up to the player to determine what the symbols mean. Important to note: symbols clue at the answer letter in that position, not the guessed letter.

Language/Regional Variants

Math Variants

  • Primel - Guess a five-digit prime in six guesses. Each guess must be prime.
  • Mathler - Guess a six-character expression that equals a given number.
  • Nerdle - Guess an eight-character equation.

Answer categories (English words + category are all legal guesses)

  • Taylordle - Answer will be related to Taylor Swift.
  • Byrdle - Answer will be related to choral music.
  • A Greener Wordle - Answer will be related to climate change.
  • Wordle-BTS - Answer will be related to BTS.
  • Moxle - Answer will be a 5-letter Magic: the Gathering card name.
  • Sweardle - Answer will be a four-letter swear word. Guess it in four guesses.
  • Jordle - Answer will be Neopets-related.
  • Queerdle - Answer will be queer related words of various lengths.
  • YGODLE - Answer will be Yu-Gi-Oh! related.

Guessing and answer categories (The set of legal guesses == the set of answers).

  • Oundle - Guesses and answers must be a British place name.
  • Lewdle - Guesses and answers must be in the lewd word dictionary.
  • Paimordle - Guesses and answers must be characters, items, and concepts relating to Genshin Impact.
  • BRDL - Guesses and answers must be a 4-letter bird banding code.

Fandom Variants

  • Enchant Worldle - Magic: the Gathering. Guess a card in 20 tries, recieving hints on card properties.
  • Commander Codex - Magic: the Gathering. Guess a commander and receive hints based on card properties.
  • Squirdle - Pokémon. Guess a Pokémon and receive hints based on Pokémon properties.
  • Lordle of the Rings - Lord of the Rings. Uses only five-letter words (including names) in the main text of Lord of the Rings
  • Swordle - Star Wars. Guess 5-character Star Wars words including numbers and dashes.


  • Airportle (Avi Bagla), Airportle (Scott's Cheap Flights) - Guesses and answers must be three-letter airport codes.
  • Subwaydle - Guess a valid NYC subway trip from point A to point B.
  • Worldle - Guess a country by its outline. Hints are distance and direction between the guessed country and the answer country.
  • Globle - Guess a country based on color-coded hints indicating distance.
  • Tradle - Guess a country based on its export profile.
  • Flagdle - Guess a country based on its flag. Hints are a similarity score between your guess's flag and the actual flag.
  • Flagle - Guess a country based a 2x3 grid of a flag that reveals one square with each guess.

Joke Variants

  • Letterle - Guess one letter in 26 guesses.
  • Windle - Wordle built for Windows 3.1.
  • Passwordle - Receive hints based on the difference between SHA-256 hash of your guess and the hash of the answer.

Other Variants

  • Semantle - Guess any word or phrase. Hints are the Word2Vec semantic distance between guess and answer.
  • Scidle - Like wordle, but you create a word or phrase using five consecutive elements from the periodic table.
  • Chessle - Like Wordle, but for Chess openings.
  • Fusekle - Like Wordle, but for Go openings (fuseki).
  • Pictle - Using Wordle rules, use guesses to match a picture inspired by the Wordle puzzle from 7 days ago.
  • Heardle - Guess a song by hearing increasingly long opening snippets. Features design language from Wordle.
  • Squaredle - Boggle-like word finding game. Features design language from Wordle.

Made a Wordle game and not on here? Drop a link in the comments!

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Mazele ( a daily maze wordle like game, clues are given from row and column totals

Copy link you have to guess a famous historical figure every day. You have 5 attempts, 5 clues and you can guess if a letter is in the name to get closer to the solution. Powered by chatgpt.

Copy link

I have created Frolfle ( which is a disc golf guessing game using the disc's flight number for hints. Comes with 3 levels of difficulty and 3 different hinting styles.

Copy link

ARezaK commented Jun 11, 2023 Guess The game

Copy link

flatoy commented Jun 13, 2023 <- New French version <- Norwegian version. I noticed the one in the list is broken.

Copy link

Wordle 2nd Generation, guess the word by context.

Copy link

Copy link

Dilemmle - Guess the people’s sentiment about different dilemmas.

Copy link

gitayy commented Sep 24, 2023

Copy link

ARezaK commented Sep 26, 2023

Guess The Audio (
Guess The Book (

Copy link

MCdle - Guess today's minecraft block, item and mob!

Copy link

The best Statele of them all Statele

Copy link

zakuk commented Jan 9, 2024 - Create a league and compete with friends to top the leaderboards!

Copy link, guess the price of a Costco item in 6 guesses or less

Copy link

here is my list so far (some of these are already in there)

Centordle (100 wordles at once):
Sexaginta-quattuordle (64 wordles at once):
Duotrigordle (32 wordles at once):
Sedecordle (16 wordles at once):
Octordle (8 wordles at once):
Quordle (4 wordles at once):
Dordle (2 wordles at once):
Nordle (n wordles at once):

Globle (Guess country):
Worldle (Guess the country based on the outline):
Tradle (Guess the country by exports):
Tuble (Guess the London Underground station):
Nerdle (Maths equation wordle):
Mathler (Maths equation wordle):
Foodle (Wordle with food-related words):
Absurdle (Word changes based on answers):
Adverswordle (Computer guesses your word):
Birdle (Wordle with bird-related words):
Heardle (1) (Guess the song):
Heardle (2) (Phonetic based wordle):
Crosswordle (1) (Fill in the gaps):
Crosswordle (2) (Two intersecting wordles):
Crosswordle (3) (Crossword puzzle of wordles):
Waffle (Grid of wordles):
Survivle (Try not to get the word):
Wordle peaks (Wordle based on position in the alphabet):
Redactle (fill in Wikipedia article):

and the best flaggle ever:

Copy link

and some more joke variants: (always horse) (you always win first try)

Copy link

anilvar commented Feb 24, 2024

Tyzlle (Wordle crosswords):

Copy link

Isaacle - The Binding of Issac. Guess a TBoI item and receive hints based its properties.
Literalnie - Polish variant of wordle

Copy link

I Created a version of wordle that keeps going after you get the answer right I would love to get your feedback on it


Copy link

travle is a great geography one

Copy link

Worchle is a daily word search Wordle variant

Copy link

double-dabble from the makers of fibble and xordle. letters get paired together and you must guess pairs of letters instead of individual letters

Copy link


What about duotrigordle? 32 wordles at the same time

Copy link

Literówka is polish multiplayer wordle game.

Copy link

Reviewdle is a movie guessing game based off of reviews by people

Copy link

Hádej slova is czech variant

Copy link

lewxdev commented Jun 9, 2024

Copy link

damaru2 commented Jun 12, 2024

Telegram wordle using phonemes. You can play it in a group with other people.

Copy link

LikeWordle is a whole website of Wordle clones and variants.

Also, there is The Wikipedia Game with daily challenges, which has the same concept as The Wiki Game which is a real-time online game. In both games, you have to find the shortest path from one Wikipedia article to another one while only using blue links.

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