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Comprehensive list of Wordle variants


  • Wordle - Guess a five-letter word in six guesses. Each guess must be real words.



Multiple Wordle Grids

  • Dordle - Wordle on two different grids at once.
  • Tridle - Wordle on three different grids at once.
  • Quordle - Wordle on four different grids at once.
  • Octordle - Wordle on eight different grids at once.
  • Sedecordle - Wordle on sixteen different grids at once.
  • Kilordle - Wordle on 1000 different grids at once.
  • Polydle - Choose how many Wordle grids to solve at once (maximum 2315).
  • Thirtle - Solve thirty consecutive Wordle grids as quickly as possible.
  • Crosswordle - Wordle on two intersecting words.

Word Variants

  • Squardle - Wordle in two dimensions across a 5x5 grid with six different words.
  • Absurdle, Evil Wordle - Wordle rules, but the answer is adversarial. Infinite guesses.
  • QWRTL - Wordle without the letter E.
  • Waffle - Squaredle grid (5x5 grid with six words) with shuffled letters and 15 swaps to find the correct grid.
  • Reversle - Given an answer and grid of clues, find a sequence of words that matches the clues as quickly as possible.
  • Survivle - Normal Wordle rules but you must use the information you have and the goal is to play as many rounds as possible without finding the answer.
  • Absurvivle - Absurdle but the goal is to survive as long as possible.
  • Scrabwordle - Wordle, but your word must also match a given Scrabble score.
  • xordle - Wordle with two disjoint answers but only one board. Guess both words correctly to win.
  • Fibble - Wordle, but the clue contains one lie in every row.
  • Sixdle - Wordle with six-letter words and answers.
  • Warmle - Wordle, but a yellow clue lets you know if are within 3 letters alphabetically for that position.
  • Wordle Peaks - Wordle, but each position is hinted based on the alphabetical direction of the answer's letter in that position.
  • Symble - Wordle, but hints are given as a random 3 symbols and it is up to the player to determine what the symbols mean. Important to note: symbols clue at the answer letter in that position, not the guessed letter.

Language/Regional Variants

Math Variants

  • Primel - Guess a five-digit prime in six guesses. Each guess must be prime.
  • Mathler - Guess a six-character expression that equals a given number.
  • Nerdle - Guess an eight-character equation.

Answer categories (English words + category are all legal guesses)

  • Taylordle - Answer will be related to Taylor Swift.
  • Byrdle - Answer will be related to choral music.
  • A Greener Wordle - Answer will be related to climate change.
  • Wordle-BTS - Answer will be related to BTS.
  • Moxle - Answer will be a 5-letter Magic: the Gathering card name.
  • Sweardle - Answer will be a four-letter swear word. Guess it in four guesses.
  • Jordle - Answer will be Neopets-related.
  • Queerdle - Answer will be queer related words of various lengths.
  • YGODLE - Answer will be Yu-Gi-Oh! related.

Guessing and answer categories (The set of legal guesses == the set of answers).

  • Oundle - Guesses and answers must be a British place name.
  • Lewdle - Guesses and answers must be in the lewd word dictionary.
  • Paimordle - Guesses and answers must be characters, items, and concepts relating to Genshin Impact.
  • BRDL - Guesses and answers must be a 4-letter bird banding code.

Fandom Variants

  • Enchant Worldle - Magic: the Gathering. Guess a card in 20 tries, recieving hints on card properties.
  • Commander Codex - Magic: the Gathering. Guess a commander and receive hints based on card properties.
  • Squirdle - Pokémon. Guess a Pokémon and receive hints based on Pokémon properties.
  • Lordle of the Rings - Lord of the Rings. Uses only five-letter words (including names) in the main text of Lord of the Rings
  • Swordle - Star Wars. Guess 5-character Star Wars words including numbers and dashes.


  • Airportle (Avi Bagla), Airportle (Scott's Cheap Flights) - Guesses and answers must be three-letter airport codes.
  • Subwaydle - Guess a valid NYC subway trip from point A to point B.
  • Worldle - Guess a country by its outline. Hints are distance and direction between the guessed country and the answer country.
  • Globle - Guess a country based on color-coded hints indicating distance.
  • Tradle - Guess a country based on its export profile.
  • Flagdle - Guess a country based on its flag. Hints are a similarity score between your guess's flag and the actual flag.
  • Flagle - Guess a country based a 2x3 grid of a flag that reveals one square with each guess.

Joke Variants

  • Letterle - Guess one letter in 26 guesses.
  • Windle - Wordle built for Windows 3.1.
  • Passwordle - Receive hints based on the difference between SHA-256 hash of your guess and the hash of the answer.

Other Variants

  • Semantle - Guess any word or phrase. Hints are the Word2Vec semantic distance between guess and answer.
  • Scidle - Like wordle, but you create a word or phrase using five consecutive elements from the periodic table.
  • Chessle - Like Wordle, but for Chess openings.
  • Fusekle - Like Wordle, but for Go openings (fuseki).
  • Pictle - Using Wordle rules, use guesses to match a picture inspired by the Wordle puzzle from 7 days ago.
  • Heardle - Guess a song by hearing increasingly long opening snippets. Features design language from Wordle.
  • Squaredle - Boggle-like word finding game. Features design language from Wordle.

Made a Wordle game and not on here? Drop a link in the comments!

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dunkshotenthusiast commented Apr 6, 2022

science wordle

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maxspero commented Apr 6, 2022

Updated, thanks all. @PelleNyren thanks for the catch. @mgiuffrida I added Squaredle. I figure if Heardle makes the cut then this one should as well.

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akshatchugh commented Apr 7, 2022 Words related to either the Yu-Gi-Oh card game or the anime.

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julianwachholz commented Apr 7, 2022

Interesting you chose to include a custom page made with 😂

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isurasan commented Apr 7, 2022
Wordle with flags!!

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alexhou00 commented Apr 8, 2022
Wordle in Chinese bopomofo phonics

Guess the US state from Google Street View

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jamesluke commented Apr 9, 2022


Like semantle, but shows a 2D point plot of all words. This allows you to see not only how close your guess is to the target, but how close your guess was to other guesses.

Includes a semantle archive.

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chongtastic commented Apr 9, 2022

we made, guess the Premier League soccer player!

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nickholl commented Apr 14, 2022

We made, a backwards song guessing game!

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pharmtechmom commented Apr 16, 2022

someone sent me a link to, guessing names of medications

also trordle and hexordle, at

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LorisSecuro commented Apr 24, 2022

@maxspero could you fix the link to the original Wordle? The current link has an extra slash at the end.

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gipros commented Apr 26, 2022


We made Ibrandle, where you have to guess 3 to 11 letters brand name.

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Aigul9 commented Apr 28, 2022

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Miller2007 commented Apr 28, 2022

How did you make that?

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bluebear94 commented Apr 28, 2022

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mynery commented Apr 29, 2022

dungleon: guess a dungeon with heroes, monsters and loot

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davidkna commented Apr 29, 2022

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4var1 commented May 4, 2022

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thuiop commented May 9, 2022 : Guess the title of an obfuscated wikipedia page by revealing the words you try to guess : Wordle but with Marvel stuff (guessing and answer categories)

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mcradha commented May 9, 2022

Joined Words : Guess a compound word from three clues given to you.

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gajahduduk commented May 24, 2022 : guess 32 in 37 tries : Indonesian Wordle
Wordle Bot : analyze your Wordle play

@maxspero could you fix the link to the original Wordle? The current link has an extra slash at the end.
ditto -- doesn't work as is

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fca2011 commented Jun 14, 2022

​LingPal - Play, even in a language you don't know, and learn new words using its word suggestion

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adin04 commented Jun 17, 2022

Jewdle - English words relating to Judaism
Artle - guess the artist given a work of art. Failed guesses reveal more art by the same artist.
Moviedle - given a movie sped up to last a second, guess the movie. Failed guesses slow down the movie.

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kpatelPro commented Jun 30, 2022

Quodle - Decipher a famous quote by solving wordles.

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Pokle-Game commented Jul 7, 2022

Pokle - A Texas Hold'em Puzzle

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6zs commented Jul 21, 2022

Hi -- I had to change xordle's website from to due to an issue with the original domain. It would be great to get the link updated here.

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gajahduduk commented Jul 21, 2022

looks like OP is no longer maintaining this, anyone want to take over and fork it?

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pier4r commented Jul 23, 2022

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XI64 commented Aug 5, 2022

looks like OP is no longer maintaining this, anyone want to take over and fork it?

I did create a "fork" here but I eventually found wordles which is like a huge compedium. So I think it is worth contributing directly to it.

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Grantismo commented Aug 6, 2022 Wordle with a shape-based clue for each character

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