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The purpose of this script is to make a `.png` figure of the Markov Chain output by MAMADROID for a malware sample
# The purpose of this script is to turn a MAMADROID model into a cool visual figure
import matplotlib
import networkx as nx
import ast
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from networkx.drawing.nx_agraph import graphviz_layout
# Begin the magic
G = nx.Graph()
# Change the filepath to whatever you want
filepath = '/Users/maxvonhippel/toolsECE471/mamadroid2/com.fdhgkjhrtjkjbx.model.txt'
with open(filepath, 'r') as f:
x = f.readlines()
# Now let's do some stuff with x
graph = {}
for line in x:
(fr, to) = line.split(" ==> ")
to = ast.literal_eval(to[:-1])
to = [b[:-1] for b in to]
if fr in graph:
for d in to:
graph[fr] = to
# Now turn the graph into a network
# Thanks to this homie:
for fr, to in graph.items():
G.add_edges_from(([(fr, d) for d in to]))
# Draw
plt.figure(figsize = (40, 40))
nx.draw(G, pos = graphviz_layout(G), node_size = 1200, node_color='lightblue',
linewidths = 0.25, font_size = 10, font_weight = 'bold',
with_labels = True, dpi = 1000)
plt.savefig("Graph.png", format="PNG")
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