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Importing user dchrist...
tell 0 offset 0
Import of user dchrist done!
Importing user little_rsh...
tell 106125 offset 106125
Import of user little_rsh done!
Importing user Spodeian...
tell 106125 offset 106125
Import of user Spodeian done!
Importing user apurplerat...
tell 106655 offset 106655
Import of user apurplerat done!
Importing user donat_b...
tell 16465285 offset 16465285
Import of user donat_b done!
Importing user harish_kalauni...
tell 16465285 offset 16465285
Import of user harish_kalauni done!
Importing user Daxelinho...
tell 16661776 offset 16661776
Import of user Daxelinho done!
Importing user chris.eklund...
tell 16852187 offset 16852187
Import of user chris.eklund done!
Importing user 400GBofRAM...
tell 19842985 offset 19842985
Import of user 400GBofRAM done!
Importing user finnthefickle...
tell 21377154 offset 21377154
Import of user finnthefickle done!
Importing user DoctorNormaN...
tell 21387360 offset 21377154
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/robert/listenbrainz-recommendation-playground/", line 135, in <module>
users_df, listens_df = load_listenbrainz_dump(dump_directory, sc)
File "/home/robert/listenbrainz-recommendation-playground/", line 52, in load_listenbrainz_dump
assert(f.tell() == user['offset'])
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