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@mazz mazz/Playlist.swift
Created May 28, 2019

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import Foundation
import GRDB
public struct Playlist: Codable {
var uuid: String
public var channelUuid: String
public var bannerPath: String?
public var localizedname: String
public var languageId: String
public var mediaCategory: String
public var ordinal: Int?
public var insertedAt: TimeInterval
public var updatedAt: TimeInterval
public var largeThumbnailPath: String?
public var medThumbnailPath: String?
public var smallThumbnailPath: String?
enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
case uuid
case channelUuid
case bannerPath
case localizedname
case languageId
case mediaCategory
case ordinal
case insertedAt
case updatedAt
case largeThumbnailPath
case medThumbnailPath
case smallThumbnailPath
public func encode(to encoder: Encoder) throws {
var container = encoder.container(keyedBy: CodingKeys.self)
try container.encode(uuid, forKey: .uuid)
try container.encode(channelUuid, forKey: .channelUuid)
try container.encode(bannerPath, forKey: .bannerPath)
try container.encode(localizedname, forKey: .localizedname)
try container.encode(languageId, forKey: .languageId)
try container.encode(mediaCategory, forKey: .mediaCategory)
try container.encode(ordinal, forKey: .ordinal)
try container.encode(insertedAt, forKey: .insertedAt)
try container.encode(updatedAt, forKey: .updatedAt)
try container.encode(largeThumbnailPath, forKey: .largeThumbnailPath)
try container.encode(medThumbnailPath, forKey: .medThumbnailPath)
try container.encode(smallThumbnailPath, forKey: .smallThumbnailPath)
public init(from decoder: Decoder) throws {
let values = try decoder.container(keyedBy: CodingKeys.self)
self.uuid = try values.decode(String.self, forKey: .uuid)
self.channelUuid = try values.decode(String.self, forKey: .channelUuid)
self.bannerPath = try? values.decode(String.self, forKey: .bannerPath)
self.localizedname = try values.decode(String.self, forKey: .localizedname)
self.languageId = try values.decode(String.self, forKey: .languageId)
self.mediaCategory = try values.decode(String.self, forKey: .mediaCategory)
self.ordinal = try? values.decode(Int.self, forKey: .ordinal)
self.insertedAt = try values.decode(TimeInterval.self, forKey: .insertedAt)
self.updatedAt = try values.decode(TimeInterval.self, forKey: .updatedAt)
self.largeThumbnailPath = try? values.decode(String.self, forKey: .largeThumbnailPath)
self.medThumbnailPath = try? values.decode(String.self, forKey: .medThumbnailPath)
self.smallThumbnailPath = try? values.decode(String.self, forKey: .smallThumbnailPath)
// Define columns so that we can build GRDB requests
extension Playlist {
enum Columns {
static let uuid = Column("uuid")
static let channelUuid = Column("channelUuid")
static let bannerPath = Column("bannerPath")
static let localizedname = Column("localizedname")
static let languageId = Column("languageId")
static let mediaCategory = Column("mediaCategory")
static let ordinal = Column("ordinal")
static let insertedAt = Column("insertedAt")
static let updatedAt = Column("updatedAt")
static let largeThumbnailPath = Column("largeThumbnailPath")
static let medThumbnailPath = Column("medThumbnailPath")
static let smallThumbnailPath = Column("smallThumbnailPath")
// Adopt RowConvertible so that we can fetch players from the database.
// Implementation is automatically derived from Codable.
extension Playlist: FetchableRecord { }
// Adopt MutablePersistable so that we can create/update/delete players in the database.
// Implementation is partially derived from Codable.
extension Playlist: MutablePersistableRecord {
public static let databaseTableName = "playlist"
public mutating func didInsert(with rowID: String, for column: String?) {
uuid = rowID
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