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defmodule FaithfulWord.Repo.Migrations.CreateChannels do
use Ecto.Migration
def change do
create table(:channels, primary_key: false) do
add :id, :binary_id, primary_key: true
add :basename, :string
add :description, :text
add :ordinal, :integer
add :private, :boolean
# add :uuid, :uuid
add :org_id, references(:orgs, on_delete: :nothing)
add :owner_id, references(:users, on_delete: :nothing)
timestamps(type: :utc_datetime_usec)
create index(:channels, [:org_id])
create index(:channels, [:owner_id])
# create index(:channels, [:uuid])
create index(:channels, [:inserted_at])
defmodule FaithfulWord.Channels.Channel do
use Ecto.Schema
import Ecto.Changeset
alias FaithfulWord.Type.ChannelHashId
alias FaithfulWord.Schema.{User}
@type id :: String.t()
@type t :: %__MODULE__{
id: Ecto.UUID.t(),
name: String.t(),
description: String.t(),
private: boolean(),
ordinal: integer() | nil,
total_posts: integer() | nil
schema "channels" do
belongs_to :owner, User
field :name, :string
field :description, :string
field :ordinal, :integer
field :private, :boolean, default: true
# field :uuid, Ecto.UUID
field :org_id, :id
field :hash_id, :string
field :total_posts, :integer, virtual: true
field :total_users, :integer, virtual: true
has_many :playlists, FaithfulWord.Schema.Playlist, on_delete: :nothing
timestamps(type: :utc_datetime_usec)
@required_fields [:id, :name, :org_id]
@optional_fields [:private, :description, :ordinal, :owner_id, :hash_id]
def changeset(channel, attrs) do
|> cast(attrs, @required_fields ++ @optional_fields)
|> unique_constraint(:name)
|> validate_format(:name, ~r/^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{3,21}$/,
"Must be between 3-21 characters long, cannot have spaces, underscores are the only special characters allowed."
|> validate_required(@required_fields)
@doc """
Generate hash ID for channels
## Examples
iex> FaithfulWord.Schema.MediaItem.changeset_generate_hash_id(%FaithfulWord.Schema.Video{id: 42, hash_id: nil})
#Ecto.Changeset<action: nil, changes: %{hash_id: \"4VyJ\"}, errors: [], data: #FaithfulWord.Schema.Video<>, valid?: true>
def changeset_generate_hash_id(channel) do
change(channel, hash_id: ChannelHashId.encode(
-- DDL generated by Postico 1.5.10
-- Not all database features are supported. Do not use for backup.
-- Table Definition ----------------------------------------------
CREATE TABLE channels (
id uuid PRIMARY KEY,
name character varying(255),
description text,
ordinal integer,
private boolean,
org_id bigint REFERENCES orgs(id),
owner_id bigint REFERENCES users(id),
inserted_at timestamp without time zone NOT NULL,
updated_at timestamp without time zone NOT NULL,
hash_id character varying(12)
-- Indices -------------------------------------------------------
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX channels_pkey ON channels(id uuid_ops);
CREATE INDEX channels_org_id_index ON channels(org_id int8_ops);
CREATE INDEX channels_owner_id_index ON channels(owner_id int8_ops);
CREATE INDEX channels_inserted_at_index ON channels(inserted_at timestamp_ops);
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX channels_hash_id_index ON channels(hash_id text_ops);
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