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@mbabker mbabker/gist:2793664
Created May 26, 2012

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Display compatibility badges on Akeeba Release System "Latest Releases" view
* Create an HTML Layout Override for components/com_ars/views/latest/tmpl/category.php
* and insert the below snippet just below the $released = new JDate... line
* A live example of this can be found on
// Additons to get all supported versions per release (for when multiple items support different versions)
$i = 0;
$versions = array();
foreach ($cat->release->files as $environment)
$supported = json_decode($environment->environments);
foreach ($supported as $version)
$versions[$i] = $version;
$environments = ArsHelperHtml::getEnvironments(json_encode(array_unique($versions)));
* The below snippet can be inserted into the HTML to display the badges
* (I did it just below the released date)
<?php if(!empty($environments)): ?>
<span class="ars-release-property">
<span class="ars-label"><?php echo JText::_('LBL_ITEMS_ENVIRONMENTS') ?>:</span>
<span class="ars-value"><?php echo $environments; ?></span>
<?php endif; ?>
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