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Example JHttp Use
// Set up our JRegistry object for the HTTP connector
$options = new JRegistry;
// Set the user agent
$options->set('userAgent', 'JInstallation/3.0');
// Use a 120 second timeout
$options->set('timeout', 120);
// Instantiate our JHttp object
$http = new JHttp($options);
// Build our data array
$data = array(
'data1' => 'foo',
'data2' => 'bar',
'data3' => 'Login'
// JSON encode the data
$data = json_encode($data);
// Post the data
$response = $http->post('http://localhost:8888/curl/get-data.php', $data);
// Check if we received the proper response code
if ($response->code != 201)
// Error condition
// From here, build the response object for the installer
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