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Notes on the video "The Flying Train, Germany, 1902"
0:22 Arch 34 - Kaiserstrasse, after of station "Bruch" - 51.2342321,7.0766762 -
The building at the left of Arch 41, before the bend onto Göthestraße is still standing
1:04: Arch 47 - Before the bend, looking up to either "Hammerstein" or the north end of "Schrödersbusch".
I don't recognize the house on the hill anywhere today.
1:17: Arch 96 - After station "Sonneborner Straße" - 51.2385451,7.1009054 -
To the right, the three buildings on the are still standing.
To the left, Hauptkirche Sonnborn barely visible at 1:20
1:53: Arriving at Station "Zoo/Stadion" -
The big overarching bridge is the old "Sonnborner Eisenbahnbrücke" which was 60 years old at this recording. It would be completely rebuilt just 10 years later, and the "new" bridge is now over 100 years old.
2:21: Arch 233 - Before Station "Oligsmühle" - 51.2559438,7.1442816 -
2:30: Arch 236 - Below you can see the bridge "Wupperbrücke Alexanderstraße" -
The only thing I can recognize in todays images are the three steps going up in the wall after the two boys at 2:43.
The statue on the left is the old Bismarck Denkmal in Elberfeld. Destroyed in 1943, it was build in 1895 (not even 10 years old in this recording) with funding of 60.000 Mark (100 Kg of silver) from 3000 donors.
2:50: Arch 241 -
The pedestrian bridge is gone, replaced by new ones.
The beautiful building on the left with all those balconies appears to have been replaced by a cheap immitation
2:56: Arch 243 - "Neue Fuhrstraße" -
These buildings on the right belong to the "Neue Fuhrstraße" which were built starting 1885.
They replaced "An der Fuhr" which is described as a slum, made of old timber framed buildings.
By now they're are gone, replaced by a parking garage and an underpass.
3:08: Arriving at Station Döppersberg - 51.2559067,7.1486854 -
To the right is the Brausenwerther Platz. The statue is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal, smelted in 1943.
The building behind it is the Stadttheater am Brausenwerth, bombed in 1943.
3:22: Arch 251 - Leaving Döppersberg -
From here, I can't regognize much. Earlier arches appear to be the exact same, but here it looks like they've been replaced, even if the numbering was preserved.
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