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Simple Matlab utility to test and return the relative precedence of the given arguments. Inspired by Matt J's answer to the Matlab Answers question "How can I determine if one class is superior or inferior to another?" (
function [priority,classes] = argPrecedence(varargin)
% argPrecedence Return the relative class priority of the arguments
% Returns an array the same size as the argument list with each argument's
% relative priority level, with 1 as the highest.
% Optionally returns a second output of class names, with the unique classes
% of the argument list arranged in priority order.
% Note that the priority is dependent both on argument position and class.
priority = nan(size(varargin));
classes = cellfun(@class,varargin,'un',false);
args = varargin;
arg_idxs = 1:numel(args);
arg_classes = classes;
p = 1;
while ~isempty(args)
catch ME
C = textscan(ME.message,'%s','delimiter','''');
superior_class = C{1}{4}; % Dependent on locale, probably.
mask = strcmp(arg_classes,superior_class);
assert(any(mask),'The error message does not have a class of an argument')
priority(arg_idxs(mask)) = p;
p = p + 1;
args(mask) = [];
arg_idxs(mask) = [];
arg_classes(mask) = [];
error('function should always error')
assert(~any(isnan(priority)),'Some arguments were not assigned a priority.')
if nargout > 1
% Return class names in priority order
[~,idxs] = sort(priority);
classes = unique(classes(idxs),'stable');
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