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Just discovered the user status feature on GitHub!

Susan Potter mbbx6spp

Just discovered the user status feature on GitHub!
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View animal2.sql
\c animalsdb;
-- We're modeling the following Haskell datatype:
-- data Animal = Cat Name Age | Dog Name OwnerId
-- We're going to factor the common 'Name' field into the animal table.
mbbx6spp /
Last active May 12, 2019
List of short movies

My absolute favorite format of film is the short film. Here are a list of short films I loved watching:

mbbx6spp /
Last active Apr 26, 2019
A gist of the commands, metadata file (.desktop), and script I wrote to delegate web URLs to the correct sandboxed web browser inside of the appropriate user profile in Linux. Should work in all distros.

Delegating web requests in Linux to correct browser profile

A few months ago I set this up and here is the write up on it since yesterday, while talking to a fellow Linux user, they found it intriguing.

My requirements

Any URL I click in Slack, Signal desktop app, or launch via terminal actions should launch into the correct sandboxed, user-profile web browser instance (in precedence order):

  •<workorg>.* should open in the work Firefox profile
mbbx6spp / functors.hs
Last active Mar 11, 2019
Intuitions on functors.
View functors.hs
fmap :: Functor f => (a -> b) -> f a -> f b
contramap :: Contravariant f => (a <- b) -> f a -> f b
invmap :: Invariant f => (a <-> b) -> f a <-> f b -- NOT VALID syntax but to give an intuition.
bimap :: Bifunctor p => (a -> b)
-> (c -> d)
-> p a c
-> p b d
mbbx6spp / alternative.hs
Last active Mar 2, 2019
Example demonstrating Alternative
View alternative.hs
{-# LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude #-}
module AlternativeExample where
import Control.Applicative
import Data.Maybe
import Data.Text hiding (empty)
import GHC.Show (Show)
type Login = Text
mbbx6spp /
Last active Feb 28, 2019
Answer to common question: how do I find the SHA256 for a fetchGitHub in Nix without getting it from the error message?


I just got asked this question: How do I find the SHA256 for a fetchGitHub in Nix expressions without faking it and getting it from the error message?


Install nix-prefetch-github:

$ nix-env -i nix-prefetch-github
mbbx6spp / FunctorExercises.hs
Last active Feb 4, 2019
Exercises to show how to abstract over Functors in our data types via type constructor.
View FunctorExercises.hs
{-# LANGUAGE DeriveFunctor #-}
{-# LANGUAGE KindSignatures #-}
{-# LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude #-}
{-# LANGUAGE RankNTypes #-}
import Control.Monad (mapM_)
import Data.Function (($))
import Data.Functor (Functor (..))
import Data.List ((++))
import GHC.Num (Integer, (+))

Decisions/directions for web development projects

Goals for future websites or web applications builts in the next year include:

  • Accessibility: content on the web application should be accessible to people of different abilities using screenreaders by default
  • Footprint: assets and markup of web application should be as minimal as possible without forgoing any of these other goals
  • Mobile-first: design layouts and content dissemination should be optimized for mobile-first
  • Usable: most common tablet and desktop size renderings should work well
  • Performance: ensure each page load has first meaningful paint within 0.4s and ensure page fully interactive by 0.8s (without network latency)
mbbx6spp / openpgp.txt
Created Dec 26, 2018
OpenKeychain Linked Identity
View openpgp.txt
This Gist confirms the Linked Identity in my OpenPGP key, and links it to this GitHub account.
Token for proof:
[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:8e42c6f5300b802a2df2e7375ea6752798ade611]
mbbx6spp /
Last active Apr 15, 2019
List of books/lecture series/courses/conference talks and practices used to learn about category theory, functional programming, and dependent types by a software developer in industry who has limited time to do this stuff with some suggestions on how to consume the material.

Category Theory and Functional Programming Study Materials


  • CT: Category Theory
  • FP: Functional Programming (typically meaning more pure functional programming)
  • TFP: Total Functional Programming
  • TDD: Type Driven Development (e.g. via Idris or Agda)
  • TT: Type Theory
  • PLT: Programming Language Theory
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