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Non-Rails Rackup with Sprockets, Compass, Handlebars, Coffeescript, and Twitter Bootstrap
@import "compass"
@import "bootstrap"
#= require bootstrap
require 'bundler'
Bundler.setup :default, (ENV['RACK_ENV'] || 'development')
require 'sprockets'
require 'compass'
require 'sprockets-sass'
require 'bootstrap-sass'
require 'handlebars_assets'
require 'coffee-script'
map '/assets' do
environment =
environment.append_path 'assets/javascripts'
environment.append_path 'assets/stylesheets'
environment.append_path 'assets/templates' # for Handlebars templates
environment.append_path HandlebarsAssets.path
# Adds Twitter Bootstrap Javascripts
environment.append_path Compass::Frameworks['bootstrap'].templates_directory + '/../vendor/assets/javascripts'
run environment
run lambda{|env| [200, {}, ['Put your app here.']]}
source ""
gem 'sprockets'
gem 'sprockets-sass'
gem 'sass'
gem 'compass'
gem 'bootstrap-sass'
gem 'handlebars_assets'
gem 'coffee-script'

maxidr commented Mar 23, 2012

Very useful!!! thanks for share.
Another good idea is to add coffeescript, right? :D

Can you add the app structure tree so that the above path makes much more sense?

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