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Created May 10, 2013
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Cross-referencing in LaTeX.
paper.tex: main manuscript
supp.tex: supplementary material
We want to cross-reference equations in paper.tex from supp.tex.
Add the following to supp.tex:
Then use \ref, \eqref, \section etc normally.
Equation numbering
In order for the equation numbering in supp.tex to start from the last equation
in paper.tex, add the following to paper.tex:
This will save the equation counter to a file named "counters".
Other counters include: part, chapter, section, subsection, subsubsection,
paragraph, subparagraph, page, equation, figure, table, footnote, mpfootnote
Then include the "counters" file in supp.tex:
To get the references correctly, each file must be compiled with pdflatex two
(or three) times.
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