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Last active December 4, 2021 22:40
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Brush & Zoom Redirect [UNLISTED]
redirect: 34f08d5e11952a80609169b7917d4172
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Awesome! Any best practices available / ideas on setting this (or similar) up with huge data sets (several days with hundreds of sensor data points per second)? Something like loading chunks of the detailed data "on pan"/"on zoom" rather than loading the full data upfront? Thanks!

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k9ert commented Feb 16, 2013

I'm right now trying to use this technique in combination with a mongodb and meteor. Don't expect too much, my javascript-skills are not that good but i have something buggy working here:

Not sure how meteor is able to scale to that extent but i'm quite sure that they target now any bigdata-scenario you can think of ;-).

Anyhow, each time i revisit this GIST via Google again, i would like to have a link to other pages: <-- see this code in action via iframe <-- be able to start javascript debugger

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For data that has a majority of smaller numbers and a maybe a couple of higher numbers, is there anyway to update y-axis scale as you brush?

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@mbostock - This uses features that aren't available in version 3.0.8 (the version currently supported by r2d3). As such, it isn't renderable on IE8. Can someone offer any tips for how to render something this in r2d3?

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kmaraz commented May 6, 2015

@tjmaynes have you come up with a way to update Y-axis according to focused data?

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sjmunoz commented Aug 26, 2015

Can I specify with a date in specific? I need to print for example "june 26, 56" pleasee!

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Does anyone have an explanation as to why the fill doesn't always work? We are using this exact code, just using our own CSV data. Usually the fill isn't working until you've maybe hit refresh quite a few times on the screen, but if you hit it again the fill goes away

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