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Last active June 16, 2019 03:59
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Creating Thumbnails with GraphicsMagick
license: gpl-3.0

Finds PNG images in the source folder, and saves corresponding thumbnails to the target folder.

pushd source
for i in "${sources[@]}"; do
echo "Converting $i"
gm convert \
-crop 1920x1000+312+510 \
-resize 230x120 \
"$i" \
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johan commented Jan 28, 2013

How do you typically produce the source images for a gist? Viewing /d/gist_id full screen and saving a screenshot with Cmd+Shift+4? Some hack involving, some phantomjs hack, or something else?

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@johan good question! Would love to know how to streamline thumbnail creation and use in conjunction with gistup. This would be a great tip to add to the Let's Make a Block tutorial.

Note, some additional tips for semi-manually rightsizing your PNGs can be found on this d3.unconf HOWTO.

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