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mbostock/.block Secret

Last active February 9, 2016 01:44
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Lines with Rounded Turns
license: gpl-3.0
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
.line {
fill: none;
stroke-width: 1.5px;
.one {
stroke: steelblue;
.one-two {
stroke: steelblue;
stroke-dasharray: 2,2;
.two {
stroke: brown;
<svg width="960" height="500">
<path class="line one" d="M100,100V190"></path>
<path class="line one-two" d="M100,190a10,10 0 0 0 10,10H190a10,10 0 0 1 10,10"></path>
<path class="line two" d="M200,210V300"></path>
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