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Last active August 17, 2017 13:54
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Great Arc
license: gpl-3.0

A simple example drawing a great arc as a LineString. The projection is rotated to avoid interrupting the arc. See also an earlier example with multiple great arcs.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
.graticule {
fill: none;
stroke: #777;
stroke-width: .5px;
stroke-opacity: .5;
.land {
fill: #bbb;
.arc {
fill: none;
stroke: red;
stroke-width: 3px;
stroke-linecap: round;
.boundary {
fill: none;
stroke: #fff;
stroke-width: .5px;
stroke-linejoin: round;
stroke-linecap: round;
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
var width = 960,
height = 480;
var projection = d3.geo.equirectangular()
.rotate([160, 0])
.translate([width / 2, height / 2])
var path = d3.geo.path()
var graticule = d3.geo.graticule();
var svg ="body").append("svg")
.attr("width", width)
.attr("height", height);
.attr("class", "graticule")
.attr("d", path);
.datum({type: "LineString", coordinates: [[-77.05, 38.91], [116.35, 39.91]]})
.attr("class", "arc")
.attr("d", path);
d3.json("/mbostock/raw/4090846/world-50m.json", function(error, world) {
if (error) throw error;
svg.insert("path", ".graticule")
.attr("class", "land")
.attr("d", path);
svg.insert("path", ".graticule")
.datum(topojson.mesh(world, world.objects.countries, function(a, b) { return a !== b; }))
.attr("class", "boundary")
.attr("d", path);
});"height", height + "px");
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Thanks for the nice example. I am new to d3 and the map projections.

Is there any example to draw an uninterrupted great arc without rotating the equirectangular projection?

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