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Last active February 23, 2016 19:32
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Bar Chart IIa
license: gpl-3.0
<!DOCTYPE html>
.chart rect {
fill: steelblue;
.chart text {
fill: white;
font: 10px sans-serif;
text-anchor: end;
<svg class="chart" width="420" height="120">
<g transform="translate(0,0)">
<rect width="40" height="19"></rect>
<text x="37" y="9.5" dy=".35em">4</text>
<g transform="translate(0,20)">
<rect width="80" height="19"></rect>
<text x="77" y="9.5" dy=".35em">8</text>
<g transform="translate(0,40)">
<rect width="150" height="19"></rect>
<text x="147" y="9.5" dy=".35em">15</text>
<g transform="translate(0,60)">
<rect width="160" height="19"></rect>
<text x="157" y="9.5" dy=".35em">16</text>
<g transform="translate(0,80)">
<rect width="230" height="19"></rect>
<text x="227" y="9.5" dy=".35em">23</text>
<g transform="translate(0,100)">
<rect width="420" height="19"></rect>
<text x="417" y="9.5" dy=".35em">42</text>
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