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@mbrezu mbrezu/cl-js encoder
Created Feb 23, 2011

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(let ((cache (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(defun encode-js-identifier (identifier)
"Given a string, produces to a valid JavaScript identifier by
following transformation heuristics case conversion. For example,
paren-script becomes parenScript, *some-global* becomes SOMEGLOBAL."
(setf identifier (string-downcase identifier))
(or (gethash identifier cache)
(setf (gethash identifier cache)
(let ((no-case-conversion nil)
(lowercase t)
(all-uppercase nil))
(when (and (not (string= identifier "[]")) ;; HACK
(find-if (lambda (x) (find x '(#\. #\[ #\]))) identifier))
(warn "Symbol ~A contains one of '.[]' - this compound naming convention is no longer supported by Parenscript!"
(acond ((nth-value 1 (cl-ppcre:scan-to-strings "(.*)[\\*|\\+](.+)[\\*|\\+](.*)"
:sharedp t))
(setf all-uppercase t
identifier (concatenate 'string
(aref it 0)
(string-upcase (aref it 1))
(aref it 2))))
((and (> (length identifier) 1)
(or (eql (char identifier 0) #\+)
(eql (char identifier 0) #\*)))
(setf lowercase nil
identifier (subseq identifier 1)))
((and (> (length identifier) 1)
(char= #\: (char identifier 0)))
(setf no-case-conversion t
identifier (subseq identifier 1))))
(with-output-to-string (acc)
(loop for c across identifier
do (acond ((eql c #\-)
(setf lowercase (not lowercase)))
((position c "!?#@%+*/=:<>")
(write-sequence (aref #("bang" "what" "hash" "at" "percent"
"plus" "star" "slash" "equals" "colon"
"lessthan" "greaterthan")
(t (write-char (if (not lowercase)
(char-upcase c)
(setf lowercase t))))))))))
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