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Litmus Email Analytics: Android Gmail stats
March 2014
Android: 24373502
Total: 325723711
Android: 0.0748287618520962
Gmail: 34758335
Total: 325723711
Gmail: 0.1067110984744982
November 2013
Android: 42010981
Total: 318989740
Android: 0.1317001010753512
Gmail web: 9138180
Total: 318989740
Gmail: 0.0286472536702905
% of Android users that open on Gmail
We need to exclude Gmail users from the Android native app opens.
Since introducing caching, we stopped recording Gmail opens on Android devices. The change noticed was:
Nov: 0.1317001010753512
Mar: 0.0748287618520962
= 0.5681754322214491
From this, we assume that 43.2% of Android opens were actually using the Gmail app.
% of Gmail users that open without images on
Since introducing caching, we started to record all Gmail opens, but also included in those where Gmail app on Android opens, so we need to exclude first from our data.
Nov: 0.0286472536702905
Mar (including Gmail Android opens): 0.1067110984744982
Based on November's 42.6% of Android opens being Gmail app opens, we can calculate the number of Gmail app opens for Mar:
Android Nov opens: 0.1317001010753512
Android Mar opens: - 0.0748287618520962
Gmail app Mar opens: = 0.056871339223255
Deducting those percentage points from our Mar data gives us:
Gmail opens: 0.1067110984744982
Gmail app opens: - 0.056871339223255
Gmail web opens: = 0.0498397592512432
Gmail web opens accounted for 4.9% of opens in March. Let's compare that to November, before Gmail began showing images by default:
Nov Gmail web opens: 0.0286472536702905
Mar Gmail web opens: 0.0498397592512432
= 0.5747871599033843
57.4% of Gmail users clicked to enable images when viewing an email.
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