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Created August 26, 2018 16:04
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Barack Obama's 2008 New Hampshire Primary Speech (plain text)
I want to congratulate Senator Clinton on a hard-fought victory here in
New Hampshire.
A few weeks ago, no one imagined that we'd have accomplished what we did
here tonight. For most of this campaign, we were far behind, and we
always knew our climb would be steep. But in record numbers, you came
out and spoke up for change. And with your voices and your votes, you
made it clear that at this moment - in this election - there is
something happening in America.
There is something happening when men and women in Des Moines and
Davenport; in Lebanon and Concord come out in the snows of January to
wait in lines that stretch block after block because they believe in
what this country can be.
There is something happening when Americans who are young in age and in
spirit - who have never before participated in politics - turn out in
numbers we've never seen because they know in their hearts that this
time must be different.
There is something happening when people vote not just for the party
they belong to but the hopes they hold in common - that whether we are
rich or poor; black or white; Latino or Asian; whether we hail from Iowa
or New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina, we are ready to take this
country in a fundamentally new direction. That is what's happening in
America right now. Change is what's happening in America.
You can be the new majority who can lead this nation out of a long
political darkness - Democrats, Independents and Republicans who are
tired of the division and distraction that has clouded Washington; who
know that we can disagree without being disagreeable; who understand
that if we mobilize our voices to challenge the money and influence
that's stood in our way and challenge ourselves to reach for something
better, there's no problem we can't solve - no destiny we cannot
Our new American majority can end the outrage of unaffordable,
unavailable health care in our time. We can bring doctors and patients;
workers and businesses, Democrats and Republicans together; and we can
tell the drug and insurance industry that while they'll get a seat at
the table, they don't get to buy every chair. Not this time. Not
now. Our new majority can end the tax breaks for corporations that ship
our jobs overseas and put a middle-class tax cut into the pockets of the
working Americans who deserve it.
We can stop sending our children to schools with corridors of shame and
start putting them on a pathway to success. We can stop talking about
how great teachers are and start rewarding them for their greatness. We
can do this with our new majority.
We can harness the ingenuity of farmers and scientists; citizens and
entrepreneurs to free this nation from the tyranny of oil and save our
planet from a point of no return. And when I am President, we will end
this war in Iraq and bring our troops home; we will finish the job
against al Qaeda in Afghanistan; we will care for our veterans; we will
restore our moral standing in the world; and we will never use 9/11 as a
way to scare up votes, because it is not a tactic to win an election, it
is a challenge that should unite America and the world against the
common threats of the twenty-first century: terrorism and nuclear
weapons; climate change and poverty; genocide and disease.
All of the candidates in this race share these goals. All have good
ideas. And all are patriots who serve this country honorably.
But the reason our campaign has always been different is because it's
not just about what I will do as President, it's also about what you,
the people who love this country, can do to change it.
That's why tonight belongs to you.
It belongs to the organizers and the volunteers and the staff who
believed in our improbable journey and rallied so many others to join.
We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no
matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can withstand the power
of millions of voices calling for change. We have been told we cannot do
this by a chorus of cynics who will only grow louder and more dissonant
in the weeks to come.
We've been asked to pause for a reality check. We've been warned against
offering the people of this nation false hope.
But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything
false about hope. For when we have faced down impossible odds; when
we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that
we can't, generations of Americans have responded with a simple creed
that sums up the spirit of a people.
Yes we can.
It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the
destiny of a nation.
Yes we can.
It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail
toward freedom through the darkest of nights.
Yes we can.
It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and
pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness.
Yes we can.
It was the call of workers who organized; women who reached for the
ballot; a President who chose the moon as our new frontier; and a King
who took us to the mountaintop and pointed the way to the Promised Land.
Yes we can to justice and equality. Yes we can to opportunity and
prosperity. Yes we can heal this nation. Yes we can repair this
world. Yes we can.
And so tomorrow, as we take this campaign South and West; as we learn
that the struggles of the textile worker in Spartanburg are not so
different than the plight of the dishwasher in Las Vegas; that the hopes
of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in Dillon are the same
as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA; we will
remember that there is something happening in America; that we are not
as divided as our politics suggests; that we are one people; we are one
nation; and together, we will begin the next great chapter in America's
story with three words that will ring from coast to coast; from sea to
shining sea - Yes. We. Can.
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