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Created September 5, 2021 03:34
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Converts an integer to string in any base
public static string IntToStringFast(int value, char[] baseChars)
// 32 is the worst cast buffer size for base 2 and int.MaxValue
var i = 32;
var buffer = new char[i];
var targetBase = baseChars.Length;
buffer[--i] = baseChars[value % targetBase];
value /= targetBase;
while (value > 0);
// avoid re-allocating another array just to trim the size
// by using string's ReadOnlySpan<char> ctor
var trimmed = new ReadOnlySpan<char>(buffer, 0, 32 - i);
return new string(trimmed);
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moon6969 commented Apr 9, 2022

I think it should be var trimmed = new ReadOnlySpan<char>(buffer, i, 32 - i);?

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