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Milkshake Duck in LaTeX
% Requires latest version of tikzducks from github
% Some colors I like. The first six are modified versions of colors from
% the Gnome Project "Tango" palette.
\definecolor{plum}{rgb}{0.36078, 0.20784, 0.4}
\definecolor{chameleon}{rgb}{0.30588, 0.60392, 0.023529}
\definecolor{cornflower}{rgb}{0.12549, 0.29020, 0.52941}
\definecolor{scarlet}{rgb}{0.8, 0, 0}
\definecolor{brick}{rgb}{0.64314, 0, 0}
\definecolor{sunrise}{rgb}{0.80784, 0.36078, 0}
\definecolor{carolina}{RGB}{153, 186, 221}
\draw[] node [right,text width=8cm]
{``The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the duck is racist'' \\ \vskip.5em \hskip12em -- @pixelatedboat
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mcnees commented Sep 18, 2017

screen shot 2017-09-18 at 3 03 30 pm

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