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Project Champion

Matteo Collina - @mcollina


Fastify is a web framework highly focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead and a powerful plugin architecture.

Statement of alignment with OpenJS Foundation charter and mission

Please refer to the Cross Project Council's Charter. Please keep your answer to less than 250 words.

Fastify is a community targeting the development of a Web framework for Node.js in a sustainable manner. It follows the OpenJS Foundation principles to operate transparently, openly, collaboratively, and ethically.

We would like to join the OpenJS Foundation because the Fastify community is growing, and joining the Foundation will help clarify the legal status of the project and remove possible business concerns that could hinder adoption.

The Fastify community is also welcoming place for new collaborators as our core philosophy is to promote contributions from the community, rather than core team pushing forward their own agenda.

List of all repos that are part of the project

The main repository is However the project is composed of 71 repositories living in the github organization We plan to transfer all of those to the OpenJS Foundation.

The CoC is

The license for all repos in the organization is MIT, however light-my-request is licensed as BSD-3-CLAUSE.

Issues are handled via GitHub on all repositories.

Permission for publishing on NPM are managed through

Governance Structure

The leadership team is composed of @delvedor and @mcollina, the two original creator of the framework.

Individuals are given commit access based after significant contributions, see for more details.

The team maintaining Fastify is composed of 10 individuals. The GitHub organization currently include 19 members, maintaining different repositories in the organization.

Desired Initial Project Phase

Please refer to Section III, Stages - Definitions & Expectations of


Official Communication Channels

Gitter, Github Team messaging.

Project Website

Social Media Accounts


Existing Financial Sponsorship

Does your project currently receive funds? Who do they come from and what are the funds used for?

@mcollina currently funds the assets (domain name).

Infrastructure Needs or Requests

What needs will your project have from the foundation? Feel free to provide a list.

Access to the travel fund.

Onboarding Checklist

This is an informational checklist to help projects onboard into the OpenJS Foundation - tasks we will complete together after your project has been accepted into the incubation process. If you have any questions or need help, the OpenJS Foundation CPC is available to assist.

  • Adopt the OpenJS Foundation Code of Conduct
  • Update project CoC reporting methods to include OpenJS Foundation escalation path
  • Transfer official domains to OpenJS Foundation
  • Identify and document other core project infrastructure
  • If choosing to use a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) or Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), make selection and implement appropriate tool
  • Add or Update document (required for Impact stage)
  • Confirm required files in place (,
  • Project Charter is published on website or github
  • Update legal copyright notice on project website and github
  • Add OpenJS Foundation logo to project website
  • Add Project logo to OpenJS Foundation website; update file
  • Transfer logomark to the OpenJS Foundation
  • If project is using crowdfunding platforms, add disclaimer to platforms
  • Identify individuals from the project to join the CPC
  • Document project and foundation contacts for:
    • marketing & social media
    • infrastructure
    • legal/governance help


What questions do you have? What questions might arise during your application?

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