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The tools I use in Mac + Bash

The Tools I Use

Alfred [+ Powerpack]


Basic functionality

Web search

  • Customize your search engine (go DDG!)

Clipboard history


  • Easy shortcut
  • Security features
    • Delete a single value
    • Clear all with clear
    • Set ignored apps (e.g. 1Password)



  • Personal snippets (e.g. home address/zip code)
  • Work snippets (e.g. email, docker commands)
  • Clipboard integration!
  • Emojis! 💪



  • Play_pause_next/previos etc.
  • Nice mini player + shortcut to get to it


  • Eject connected drives (including virtual ones)
  • Restart the Mac
  • Turn night shift on/off


  • Theme
  • Font


Developing - alfred-workflow

WFs I use

Bash tools

Create your dotfiles repo!

  • Brew - a package manager for macOS
  • zsh - a nicer shell than bash
  • the_silver_searcher (ag) — A lightening fast text/file searching tool
  • prezto - The configuration framework for Zsh (like oh-my-zsh, but better)
  • z - Jump around between folders
  • fzf - A command-line fuzzy finder
  • thefuck - An app which corrects your previous console command
  • tl;dr - Simplified and community-driven man pages
  • asciicinema + asciicast2gif - record videos in the terminal (and turn them into gifs)
  • nativifier - Makes any web page a desktop application

Small tools and configurations

Mac productivity tools

  • Bettertouchtool
    • Splitting windows
    • 2 finger gestures in browsers
  • bartender - keep the bar organized
  • Lungo - prevent the Mac from falling asleep
  • - ambient noise for concentration
  • Focus - Website and application blocker
  • SelfControl - Block access to distracting sites
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