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Last active February 18, 2023 08:45
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Installing Zoom on Solus OS


Download zoom and extract

curl -LO
tar -xvf zoom*.tar.xz

Run Zoom (this generates files for next step)

cd zoom

Note: Authenticate here as needed via SSO, etc.

Add Zoom to launch menu

cd <full-path-to-zoom>/RegisterProtocol
echo "Icon=<full-path-to-zoom>/Zoom.png" >> ZoomLauncher.desktop
# may need for HiDPI screens
sed -i 's|^Exec=.*$|Exec=/usr/bin/env QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 ZoomLauncher %U|' ZoomLauncher.desktop

You should now be able to launch Zoom in the same way you do other applications in Solus.

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"Error in file "/usr/share/applications/rhythmbox.desktop": "@ITMS_HANDLER@" is an invalid MIME type ("@ITMS_HANDLER@" does not contain a subtype)"
(After the last step.)
Anyone knows? :(

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I recommend doing what @drhedberg did, and install Zoom with Flatpak instead of the method I originally wrote it in this gist. While I don't use Solus anymore, I've been using the Flatpak version of Zoom for quite a while now and it's been great.

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@krisokowa, The will fail if there are any pending items that are malformed. In your case, rhythmbox.desktop is malformed, you may wish to delete it and try again.

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