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$HyperVHosts = @('Cluster1','Node1','Node2')
$VMs = Get-VM -ComputerName $HyperVHosts | ForEach-Object {
Write-Host "Procesing VM {$($PSItem.VMName)}"
Write-Host "Getting VM {$($PSItem.VMName)} disk information"
$disks = Get-VHD -VMId $PSItem.VMId -ComputerName $PSItem.ComputerName
$diskCount = $disks | Measure | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Count
$diskCurrentSize = $disks | Measure-Object -Sum -Property FileSize | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Sum
$diskMaximumSize = $disks | Measure-Object -Sum -Property Size | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Sum
Name = $PSItem.Name
ComputerName = $PSItem.ComputerName
MemoryMinimum = [System.Math]::Round($PSItem.MemoryMinimum /1GB,2)
MemoryMaximum = [System.Math]::Round($PSItem.MemoryMaximum /1GB,2)
MemoryAssigned = [System.Math]::Round($PSItem.MemoryAssigned /1GB,2)
ProcessorCount = $PSItem.ProcessorCount
DisksCount = $diskCount
DiskCurrentSize = [System.Math]::Round($diskCurrentSize /1GB,2)
DiskMaximumSize = [System.Math]::Round($diskMaximumSize /1GB,2)
CreationTime = $PSItem.CreationTime
$VMs | Format-Table -Wrap
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