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Created May 6, 2013
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#spigot IRC rules

Please follow these rules at all times. The general rule of thumb is two kicks and a ban. A ban will be at a length determined by md_5, and never be more than a week. If you have any complaints or feel you have been unfairly banned, please message md_5.

  • Keep the chat at a PG-13 level. If you think it might be inappropriate, don't say it.
  • Racism, sexism, bigotry, harassment, threats, etc. are strictly prohibited. Do not use racial slurs, or bigoted remarks. Do not harass or threaten any user or use this channel as a place to coordinate attacks on others.
  • No trolling, flaming, or flame-baiting. Keep discussion civil. Acting like a goof will get you removed.
  • No excessive profanity. Every now and then is fine, but if every other word that comes out of your mouth is profane, that's not ok.
  • Do not flood or spam the channel, abuse bots, or abuse chat color. It is impossible to hold a conversation when the channel is filled with inane chatter. Bots are here to provide information and preform other useful functions. Abusing bots by spamming commands will earn you a ban. Chat colors should be used sparingly. Do not color your chat for no good reason. If you need to paste a number of lines to the channel, use a website such as Do not run unauthorized bots that speak in the channel.
  • No advertising servers, other channels, or products. Providing information in context is fine, but don't tell everyone your server IP if nobody asked for it.
  • No threats directed towards other people or servers.
  • Offtopic discussion is allowed, but spigot related discussion takes priority. If somebody joins asking for support, pause your conversation and help them if you can.
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