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someFunction: (date) ->
startOfMonth = date.beginningOfMonth()
endOfMonth = date.endOfMonth()
console.log startOfMonth.format('{MM}-{DD}-{YYYY}')
console.log endOfMonth.format('{MM}-{DD}-{YYYY}')
console.log '---'
# I call someFunction() with the SugarJS Date objects representing "12-09-2011" and "01-09-2012" and get this in the console:
# 12-31-2011
# 12-31-2011
# ---
# 01-31-2012
# 01-31-2012
# ---
# Why is `endOfMonth` clobbering `startOfMonth`?
# To get around this, I had to do:
startOfMonth = Date.create(date.format('{MM}-{DD}-{YYYY}')).beginningOfMonth()
endOfMonth = Date.create(date.format('{MM}-{DD}-{YYYY}')).endOfMonth()

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@isaacsanders isaacsanders commented Dec 29, 2011

Maybe it is because you are calling it on the date object, and Sugar could be overwriting it?

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