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Mayeul d'Avezac mdavezac

  • Kagenova
  • London
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mdavezac / .gitignore
Last active Aug 18, 2017
China Workshop RSE talk
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mdavezac / SoptShopTalk.ipynb
Last active Oct 26, 2016
Short talk describing the sopt ( compressed sensing library
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mdavezac / MPI_benchmark_example
Last active Jul 29, 2021
google/benchmark example with MPI
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# for gist naming purposes
mdavezac / create_image.jl
Last active Aug 29, 2015
create julia image for specific virtual env
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#! /home/mdavezac/usr/src/julia-cb9bcae93a/bin/julia
packages = ["Gadfly", "IJulia", "ZMQ", "Winston", "Tk", "Cairo",
"ProfileView", "ImageView"]
syspath = joinpath(expanduser("~"), ENV["VIRTUAL_ENV"], "share", "julia")
ispath(syspath) || mkdir(syspath)
isdir(syspath) || error(syspath, " is not a directory")
include(joinpath(JULIA_HOME, Base.DATAROOTDIR, "julia", "build_sysimg.jl"))
mdavezac / jmpi.jl
Last active Dec 29, 2015
Trying out julia + mpi
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const openmpi = find_library(["", "libmpi.dylib"])
const mpich = find_library(["", "libmpich.dylib"])
if openmpi != ""
function init_openmpi()
l = Cint[0]
handle = dlopen(openmpi, RTLD_GLOBAL)
mpi_init = dlsym(handle, :MPI_Init)
mpi_finalize_symbol = dlsym(handle, :MPI_Finalize)
a = ccall(mpi_init, Int, (Ptr{Cint}, Ptr{Cint}), l, l)