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Options to upload data from a Medtronic pump to Nightscout

First pass; others, please correct or fill in gaps.

  • MiniMed Connect
    • Default behavior (using the Medtronic iOS app paired with a Connect)
      • Real-time: we can scrape the data the Connect sends to Medtronic's servers using minimed-connect-to-nightscout. It's not much -- just BG data, active insulin, reservoir, etc. See this sample
      • Historical: once a day, the Medtronic app asks the Connect to poll the pump for history, then uploads that into CareLink. SPECULATIVE: you could run mmcsv regularly to translate and upload that data to Nightscout. You'd have pump data alongside CGM data delayed by ~24 hours.
    • Custom behavior (using an open source iOS app paired with a Connect)
      • Real-time: SPECULATIVE: @bewest has captured a conversation between a Connect and a pump, suggesting it makes the same history requests as a CareLink stick. We could develop an app to impersonate the Medtronic iOS app and request that data more frequently.
  • CareLink stick + OpenAPS
    • Real-time
  • RileyLink + OpenAPS
    • Real-time
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