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Fedora HTTP client settings
<param name="httpClientTimeoutSecs" value="20">
<comment>Number of seconds Fedora http client will wait for a connection before timing
<param name="httpClientSocketTimeoutSecs" value="120">
<comment>Number of seconds Fedora http client will wait for data coming across an
established http connection.</comment>
<param name="httpClientMaxConnectionsPerHost" value="20">
<comment>Maximum number of Fedora http client connections allowed to a given host.</comment>
<param name="httpClientMaxTotalConnections" value="100">
<comment>Maximum number of total Fedora http client connections allowed at once.</comment>
<param name="httpClientFollowRedirects" value="true">
<comment>Should the Fedora http client follow redirects?</comment>
<param name="httpClientMaxFollowRedirects" value="3">
<comment>Maximun number of redirects the Fedora http client will follow (only if
httpClientFollowRedirects is set to true.)</comment>
<param name="httpClientUserAgent" value="Fedora">
<comment>The value to be set for the User-Agent HTTP request header.</comment>
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