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RailsConf 2012 Lightning Talks
1 min:
~Painless Javascript
koting hatduklgg
with wind tunnel
~tenderlove.dup jremsikjr
(collecting resources for learning ruby)
~1 minute is all i need to show
sidekiq - @jwo
~what it means to be
~1 min, 1 year of hacking
on open source@gregbell
~Hungry Academy
5 min:
~Objective-C + Rails:
Communicating w/rails from iOS/mac OS
Dan Hassin
~Threadsafe on!
Tony Araeri
~Json + Webworkers = win!
John Krueger
~Open Source Dev
Model on Private Teams.
Mark Simonoan
~Modeling on Rails
Akira Matsuda
~Integration testing engines
Ryan Bigg
Yelmida Kato
~Why you should participate
in your local user group
~Why you don't get hired
~Rails Encryption
-Encrypting Passwords
And data in support of PCI compliance.
~Distributed Continuous
Integration with Todium
Jay Monthi
~How I Saved The World with Nokogiri
Rod Paddock
~Wizards from WTF to wicked
Sain Woodlard (shwoodard)
~JavaScript And Friends
-Charles Cowell @
~Hacking the Airlines
How to fly in First for coach $
@Matt Gogistt
~Top 10 Reasons you should
Probably quit your job
~Monitoring with Graphite.
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