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Redirect STDOUT and STDERR into syslog, using "logger", and bash process substitution
# Redirect STDOUT/STDERR into syslog
exec > >(logger -p 2> >(logger -p user.warn)

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shribe commented Apr 13, 2015

Nice example. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do about logging from scripts used with launchd on OS X:


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mpdude commented May 11, 2016

Is that for bash only or does it work in sh as well?


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spieden commented Mar 24, 2017

@shribe Thank you! Exactly what I needed.


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oliver commented Jun 19, 2018

If you add another "exec " in front of the logger call, you avoid one additional Bash process staying alive all the time (you can see it with pstree). Like this:

exec > >(exec logger -p 2> >(logger -p user.warn)

@mpdude: the entire concept only works with bash (not with sh), since it uses "Process Substitution" which is a Bash-only feature.

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