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Created September 6, 2011 00:13
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Complete code for my tutorial on mouse dragging in Love2D.
function love.load()
rect = {
x = 100,
y = 100,
width = 100,
height = 100,
dragging = { active = false, diffX = 0, diffY = 0 }
function love.update(dt)
if then
rect.x = love.mouse.getX() - rect.dragging.diffX
rect.y = love.mouse.getY() - rect.dragging.diffY
function love.draw()"fill", rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height)
function love.mousepressed(x, y, button)
if button == "l"
and x > rect.x and x < rect.x + rect.width
and y > rect.y and y < rect.y + rect.height
then = true
rect.dragging.diffX = x - rect.x
rect.dragging.diffY = y - rect.y
function love.mousereleased(x, y, button)
if button == "l" then = false end
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ghost commented Jun 12, 2017

You might wanna use the updated version. Available since LÖVE 0.10.0

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Why don't you use the love.mousemoved (x, y, dx, dy, istouch) function ?

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Kilozen commented Aug 3, 2022

Note to anyone using this after Love 0.10.0

The current callbacks use numbers, rather than letter strings to identify the mouse buttons.
So lines that say:
button == "l" -- (lower case 'L')
have to be changed to say:
button == 1 -- (button number 1)

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