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Functions for quick left and right bitwise shifts in Lua.
function lshift(x, by)
return x * 2 ^ by
function rshift(x, by)
return math.floor(x / 2 ^ by)

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commented Feb 9, 2019

There seems to be a bug in the rshift function as defined here. Shifting a value of 0x01 twice should result in a value of 0 while shifting a value of 0x03 twice should result in a value of 1. Lua will return 0 for both of these operations as shown below.

> print(math.floor(0x01/2^2))
> print(math.floor(0x03/2^2))

Using the math.round function defined at appears to fix this however.

> print(math.round(0x01/2^2))
> print(math.round(0x03/2^2))

I haven't tested the results with larger numbers but for simply 8 bit integer operations this appears to be enough.

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