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;;; Commentary
;; Select and activate google chrome tabs by anything interface
;;; Requirements
;;; Usage
;; (require 'anything-chrome-tabs)
;; (crxel/start 9649)
;; (define-key global-map "C-t" 'anything-chrome-tabs)
(provide 'anything-chrome-tabs)
(require 'crxel)
(require 'anything-config)
(defun chrome-tab-url (tab)
(cdr-safe (assq 'url tab)))
(defun chrome-tab-title (tab)
(cdr-safe (assq 'title tab)))
(defun chrome-tab-id (tab)
(cdr-safe (assq 'id tab)))
(defun chrome-activate-tab (tab)
(crxel/eval (format "chrome.tabs.update(%s, { active: true });"
(chrome-tab-id tab))
:fail 'error))
(defun anything-chrome-tabs ()
(crxel/eval "var callback = window.crxel.callback;
chrome.tabs.query({}, function(tabs) {
:async t
:success (lambda (data)
(json-read-from-string data) nil)))
:fail 'error))
(defun anything-chrome-tabs-0 (tabs)
`((name . "Chrome Tabs")
(candidates . ,tabs)
(action . (("Activate" . chrome-activate-tab)))
(candidate-transformer . (lambda (tabs)
(mapcar (lambda (tab)
(chrome-tab-url tab)
(chrome-tab-title tab))
tab)) tabs)))
"*anything chrome tabs*"))

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@tmaeda tmaeda commented Mar 9, 2014


quote が足りないようです。

;;  (define-key global-map "C-t" 'anything-chrome-tabs)

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@mechairoi mechairoi commented Jul 3, 2014


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