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medJemmoudi /
Created May 12, 2022 14:24 — forked from alan2207/
Junior Full-Stack Job Interview

Junior Full-Stack Developer

This is a compilation of questions that we have stumbled upon in our job interviews. None of the questions are generic or borrowed from internet, they are real questions. Me and the other authors (@rudiaj, manny) have decided not to log company names, as that would spoil the idea of the interview itself.

Question type

The questions come from multiple interviews for Full-Stack, Front-End and Back-End positions. All interviews were Junior Level. Most of the questions (level 1) deal with pretty basic stuff and serve a functional purpose of eliminating candidates that do not have a certain level of overall and precise knowledge. A smaller amount of questions are harder (level 2), and they are usually meant to test the way you solve problems. These questions are more important in the eyes of the employer, and this part of the test is often performed live or over a video call. These level 2 questions are almost always in the form of a programming task. The idea being that you are

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