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Enumerating BinTrees by depth
import qualified Control.Monad.WeightedSearch as W
import Data.List (sortBy)
import Data.Ord (comparing)
import Control.Applicative
data BTree = Leaf | Branch BTree BTree deriving (Show, Eq)
-- I can lazily list all the btrees
btrees :: W.T Integer BTree
btrees = pure Leaf <|> W.weight 1 (Branch <$> btrees <*> btrees)
-- Now, let's consider this function
depth :: BTree -> Integer
depth Leaf = 0
depth (Branch b1 b2) = 1 + max (depth b1) (depth b2)
-- I'd like to generate the btrees in an order such that
-- `test btrees == True`, where":
test :: W.T Integer BTree -> Bool
test ts = ls == sortBy (comparing depth) ls
where ls = take 1000 $ W.toList ts
-- that is, trees should be ordered by depth
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