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Last active Jun 18, 2016
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AKiTiO Thunder2 & EVGA 960 GTX SC setup

AKiTiO Thunder2 & EVGA 960 GTX SC setup

Publicly shared as a gist

NOTE: The AKiTiO Thunder2 SHOULD NOT be plugged in yet

  1. Download latest nVidia Web Drivers

  2. Download latest CUDA Drivers and extract the pkg file

  3. Download PackageMaker

  4. Download CUDA-Z

  5. Uninstall all previous versions of the nVidia Web Drivers

  6. Restart your MacBook Pro

  7. Execute sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1 nvda_drv=1"

  8. Restart your MacBook Pro

  9. Open WebDriver-[latest_version].pkg using Flat Package (lives inside of

  10. Drag Distribution to your Desktop

  11. Edit ~/Desktop/Distribution with

  12. Delete or comment out these two lines:

    if (!validateHardware()) return false;
    if (!validateSoftware()) return false;
  13. Save and exit

  14. Drag ~/Desktop/Distribution back into Flat Package

  15. Close Flat Package and choose Save

  16. Double-click WebDriver-[latest_version].pkg to install it

  17. Restart your MacBook Pro

  18. Double-click CUDADriver.pkg to install it

  19. Open the following kext files:

    # 2 occurrences
    # 4 occurrences
    # 2 occurrences

    Edit them each by adding the following lines of code to just above each of the closing </dict> tags that contain a CFBundleIdentifier key:

  20. Save all 3 kext files and exit

  21. Clear caches sudo kextcache -system-caches

  22. Shut down your MacBook Pro

  23. Connect your AKiTiO Thunder2 to your MacBook Pro via the Thunderbolt 2 cable

  24. Turn on the PSU

  25. Turn on your MacBook Pro

  26. Profit! :D

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megalithic commented Apr 15, 2015

NOTE: I'm presently having issues with the monitors receiving a signal, then immediately losing signal. The GTX 960 fans spin up upon OSX boot, but then immediately spin back down.

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