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megamosk /
Created Dec 23, 2019 — forked from mrverrall/
A script that installs and configures all the core components for moodle on RHEL/Centos 7 leaving you with a running site complete with AV scanning and Memcached
# This Bash script installs Moodle ( and all it's
# requirements into a freshly installed Centos or RHEL 7 operating system.
# It assumes an 'Enforced' SELinux environment and configures the system
# accordingly.
# It is designed to be instructional and clear to read to persons unfamiliar
# with Bash and as such does *no* sanity checking before taking actions.
# Becasue of this *great* care should be taken if you feel the urge to run
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use Bitrix\Main\Loader;
$arParams["OFFERS_CART_PROPERTIES"] = array(
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