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example sls:
- name: conf_manip.merge
- origin: /etc/salt/master.d/reactor.conf
- source: /srv/salt/mystate/files/reactor.conf
import filecmp
import os
import yaml
from collections import Mapping
from shutil import copyfile
def __update_list(src, base, changed=False):
for val in src:
if val not in base:
changed = True
return base, changed
def merge(origin, source):
response = {}
if os.path.exists(origin):
if not filecmp.cmp(origin, source):
origin_data = yaml.load(open(origin))
source_data = yaml.load(open(source))
changed = False
for key, value in source_data.iteritems():
if value != origin_data.get(key):
if isinstance(value, list):
origin_data[key], changed = __update_list(value, origin_data[key], changed)
elif isinstance(value, Mapping):
changed = True
origin_data[key] = value
changed = True
if changed:
stream = file(origin, 'w')
yaml.dump(origin_data, stream, default_flow_style=False)
response['updated'] = changed
copyfile(source, origin)
response['created'] = os.path.exists(origin)
return response
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