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PHP motion jpeg mjpeg snapshot single frame with or without http auth. Puts image in <img> tag with no temp file
//Megasaturnv 2018-01-16
$camurl=""; // Mjpeg URL
//$camurl="http://username:password@" // HTTP Auth mjpeg URL (optional)
$boundary="--BoundaryString"; // $boundary = The boundary string between jpegs in an mjpeg stream
//NOTE: $boundary changes between mjpeg stream providers. For example, uses '--BoundaryString'. uses '--ZoneMinderFrame'. To find out $boundary for your stream you will need to save 1 or more frames of the mjpeg and open it with a text editor. --<boundary string> should be visible on the first line
$f = fopen($camurl, "r"); // Open mjpeg url as $f in readonly mode
$r = ""; // Set $r to blank variable
if($f) {
while (substr_count($r,"Content-Length") < 2) // While the number of times "Content-Length" appears in $r is less than 2
$r.=fread($f, 16384); // Append 16384 bytes of $f to $r
$start = strpos("$r", $boundary); // $start is set to the position of the first occurrence of '$boundary' in $r
$end = strpos("$r", $boundary, $start + strlen($boundary)); // $end is essentially set to the position of the second occurrence of '$boundary' in $r. I use $start + strlen($boundary) to offset the start position and skip the first occurrence
$boundaryAndFrame = substr("$r", $start, $end - $start); // $boundaryAndframe is set to the string in $r starting at position $start and with a length of ($end - $start)
$pattern="/(Content-Length:\s*\d*\r\n\r\n)([\s\S]*)/"; // Use regex to search for '(Content-Length: 90777\r\n\r\n)(<jpeg image data>)
preg_match_all($pattern, $boundaryAndFrame, $matches); // Search for regex matches in $boundaryAndFrame
$frame = $matches[2][0]; // $frame is set to the second regex character group (in this case, <jpeg image data>)
echo '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64, ' . base64_encode($frame) . '">'; // Echo the jpeg image data, encoded in base64
} else {
echo "Error, cannot open URL"; // Error message if $camurl cannot be opened
fclose($f); // Close the url
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