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Created May 16, 2021 07:47
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React hook to autofocus on an element by a query selector
import {useEffect, useState} from "react";
import trim from 'lodash/trim';
export default function useAutofocus() {
const [querySelector, setQuerySelector] = useState(null);
// Either a non-empty string OR null
let normalizedQuerySelector = querySelector;
if (typeof normalizedQuerySelector === 'string') {
normalizedQuerySelector = trim(normalizedQuerySelector);
if (normalizedQuerySelector === '') {
normalizedQuerySelector = null;
} else {
normalizedQuerySelector = null;
useEffect(() => {
if (normalizedQuerySelector === null || !document) {
const element = document.querySelector(normalizedQuerySelector);
if (!element) {
// Reset the query selector, so that the api user can call us with the same selector multiple times in a row
}, [normalizedQuerySelector]); // Make this effect re-fire only when querySelector changes
return setQuerySelector;
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