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Created September 20, 2019 12:02
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Check for update to the Red executable
Red [
Title: {Update checker}
Purpose: {Check for update to Red executable}
Author: "Rudolf W. MEIJER"
Rights: "Copyright (c) 2019 Rudolf W. MEIJER"
Language: 'English
Tabs: 4
; read commit history from github site
commits: load
; this yields a block of maps, the first component being the most recent
; extract the date and short sha of the latest commit
latest-date: to-local-date load commits/1/commit/committer/date
latest-sha: copy/part commits/1/sha 7
; compare date of latest commit to date of Red build that is running
either latest-date = system/build/git/date
alert "you are up-to-date"
alert rejoin ["download the latest Red (#" latest-sha ")"]
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