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Anton melekes

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melekes /
Created December 27, 2021 09:44
BST || k_largest element
use anyhow::anyhow;
use anyhow::Result;
use std::mem::swap;
type Child = Option<Box<Node>>;
#[derive(Debug, Eq, PartialOrd, PartialEq, Clone)]
pub struct Node {
pub value: i32,
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package log
import (
stdlog "log"
type stdlibLogger struct {
melekes /
Created February 15, 2020 08:43 — forked from calebamiles/
Notes on Open Source Governance Models

Node.js Foundation

  • Healthy Open Source
    • explicit goal to be a lightweight process
    • concrete ability to scale to hundreds of contributors
    • good fundamental goals
      • transparency
      • participation
      • efficacy
    • ecosystem projects encouraged but not required to adopt foundation governance templates
  • creation of projects under TSC explicity delegates authority from TSC to project TC
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Last active June 1, 2019 03:30
Requirements for a Tendermint client

Requirements for a Tendermint client

Broadcasting transactions

  1. An evil proposer can drop valid transactions (tendermint/tendermint#3322). To ensure tx A will be committed, the client needs to a) send it to multiple nodes b) subscribe for its result or query the result later using /tx API endpoint (requires the tx indexer enabled)

  2. Multiple nodes above requirement comes from a simple fact that an evil node can drop your tx.


melekes / client.go
Created March 5, 2019 12:31
Example of using Tendermint HTTP client to subscribe for new block headers
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package main
import (
melekes / badger_db.go
Last active January 30, 2019 11:55
Alternative databases, which were used to benchmark Tendermint indexing
View badger_db.go
package db
import (
melekes /
Last active July 21, 2017 06:04 — forked from amarksteadman/
Add your Twitter friends' RSS feeds to a single OPML file
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This script requires the following Packages
1: Twitter:
2: PyQuery:
3: Jinja2:
It's fairly primitive but works. It uses a Jinja2 template to create an OPML
file from the RSS feeds of the websites run by the people you follow on
melekes / upgrade_tendermint.yml
Last active April 24, 2017 20:53
Ansible playbook for upgrading Tendermint
View upgrade_tendermint.yml
- hosts: all
- name: get version
shell: tendermint version
register: version
- name: copy and unpack binary if newer version is being installed
View counter.systemd.j2
User={{ user }}
Group={{ group }}
View overflow_uint64.go
// addOrMax performs safe addition: if result overflows, it returns MaxUint64
func addOrMax(accum, value uint64) uint64 {
if (accum + value) < accum {
return math.MaxUint64
} else {
return accum + value
// subOrZero performs safe subtraction: if result underflows, it returns 0