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Created July 17, 2013 12:57
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Convert Confluence HTML export into asciidoc
import org.htmlcleaner.*
def src = new File('html').toPath()
def dst = new File('asciidoc').toPath()
def cleaner = new HtmlCleaner()
def props =
props.translateSpecialEntities = false
def serializer = new SimpleHtmlSerializer(props)
src.toFile().eachFileRecurse { f ->
def relative = src.relativize(f.toPath())
def target = dst.resolve(relative)
if (f.isDirectory()) {
} else if ('.html')) {
def tmpHtml = File.createTempFile('clean', 'html')
println "Converting $relative"
def result = cleaner.clean(f)
result.traverse({ tagNode, htmlNode ->
tagNode?.attributes?.remove 'class'
if ('td' == tagNode?.name || 'th'==tagNode?.name) {'td'
String txt = tagNode.text
tagNode.insertChild(0, new ContentNode(txt))
} as TagNodeVisitor)
result, tmpHtml.absolutePath, "utf-8"
"pandoc -f html -t asciidoc -R -S --normalize -s $tmpHtml -o ${target}.adoc".execute().waitFor()
}/* else {
"cp html/$relative $target".execute()
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npiper commented Jul 12, 2023

Based off this article that references this script;

Do you recall the logic and if it would deal with referenced / attached files and/or images in the script logic?

When extracting to HTML images look like this:

<ac:image ac:align="center" ac:layout="center" ac:original-height="680" ac:original-width="1540"><ri:attachment ri:filename="CI_CD%20Pipeline%20Azure%20Hybrid%20(2).png?version=1&amp;modificationDate=1573576456718&amp;cacheVersion=1&amp;api=v2&amp;width=1000" ri:version-at-save="1" /></ac:image>

Created a self-contained Docker image to run the conversion - using the Atlassian CLI base image + adding Pandoc/Groovy here:

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melix commented Jul 12, 2023

I don't recall this, it's super old, but I don't think it deals with attached files.

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npiper commented Jul 18, 2023

Atlassian might have inched forward too - using the CLI tool looks like it is possible to get to a JSON page format that might more neatly map to Asciidoc equivalents;

This gist is still going strong and referenced in the official Asciidoc doco:

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Had to adapt the parameters for current pandoc, added some rudimentary error handling.

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thugcee commented Mar 26, 2024

Is the line 22, tagNode?.attributes?.remove 'class', a good idea? For me it breaks conversion of code blocks.

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