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How to use Tim Pope's Pathogen
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How to use Tim Pope’s Pathogen

I’ll assume you are on Linux or Mac OSX. For Windows, replace ~/.vim/ with $HOME\vimfiles\ and forward slashes with backward slashes.

The idea

Vim plugins can be single scripts or collections of specialized scripts that you are supposed to put in “standard” locations under your ~/.vim/ directory. Syntax scripts go into ~/.vim/syntax/, plugin scripts go into ~/.vim/plugin, documentation goes into ~/.vim/doc/ and so on. That design can lead to a messy config where it quickly becomes hard to manage your plugins.

This is not the place to explain the technicalities behind Pathogen but the basic concept is quite straightforward: each plugin lives in its own directory under ~/.vim/bundle/, where each directory simulates the standard structure of your ~/.vim/ directory.

joninvski /
Created Nov 16, 2010
Bellman ford python implementation
import pdb
The Bellman-Ford algorithm
Graph API:
iter(graph) gives all nodes
iter(graph[u]) gives neighbours of u
graph[u][v] gives weight of edge (u, v)
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