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@melo melo/x-hipchat
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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hipchat send
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use JSON 'encode_json';
use HTTP::Tiny;
use Getopt::Long;
use Encode 'decode';
my %opts = (room => $ENV{HIPCHAT_ROOM}, notify => 1);
GetOptions(\%opts, 'help', 'room=s', 'notify!', 'color=s', 'message_format=s') or usage();
usage() if $opts{help};
usage("room is required parameter\n") unless $opts{room};
usage("ENV HIPCHAT_TOKEN is required\n") unless my $hipchat_token = $ENV{HIPCHAT_TOKEN};
-t \*STDOUT and -t \*STDIN and print "Type your message, enter ^D to send, ^C to abort:\n";
my $message = '';
while (length($message) <= 10_000 and my $line = <>) { $message .= decode('UTF-8', $line) }
usage("no message to send\n") unless length($message);
usage("message to big (max 10_000 chars)\n") if length($message) > 10_000;
my %body = (message => $message);
$body{color} = $opts{color} if $opts{color};
$body{notify} = \1 if $opts{notify};
$body{message_format} = $opts{message_format} || 'text';
my $res = HTTP::Tiny->new(ua => 'x-hipchat ')->post(
{ headers => {
'Authorization' => "Bearer $hipchat_token",
'Content-Type' => 'application/json',
content => encode_json(\%body),
exit(0) if $res->{status} == 204;
print "Ooops: $res->{status} $res->{reason}\n";
sub usage {
print "ERROR: @_\n" if @_;
print <<EOF;
Usage: x-hipchat --room=... [--color=...] [--notify]
Sends stdin as message.
date | x-hipchat --room=X
ls -la | x-hipchat --room=Z
Requires environment variable HIPCHAT_TOKEN. Will use HIPCHAT_ROOM if
available as default --room parameter.
exit(1) if @_;
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