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I will be out of the office until May 30, 2016. While you wait, browse these ten awesome sites from my colleagues across the federal government:

  1. The National Park Service's Unigrid System solves two primary problems of folder planning.

  2. Watch a live view of the McMurdo Station in Antarctica

  3. Listen to a podcast featuring members of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team.

  4. Watch horrifying near-misses on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's YouTube channel.

  5. Calculate the current-day value of the savings bond your grandmother gave you for Hannukah in 1990.

  6. Browse thousands of maps from the Library of Congress.

  7. Watch the orbit path of an asteroid that came into close contact with Earth in 2003.

  8. Read monthly summaries about the Earth's climate.

  9. Read about the medical legacy of Benjamin Franklin.

  10. Watch the Energy Department's reality show.

If you need to immediately get in touch with a member of the 18F team, please email

Thank you,

Melody Kramer

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